Activision Lego: Black Ops

Games developer Activision wanted to boost sales of its Call of Duty: Black Ops video game by targeting casual gamers. Faced with heavy competition from other game launches and a budget of just $50K, Activision tasked MEC with increasing consideration and adding $300K sales of Call of Duty: Black Ops video games.

Working closely with MEC, Nicky conceived a strategy that would increase reach and engage gamers across the web. Over 4 months she identified influencers across multiple forums, generated over 20K thread views and participated in 600 “black-ops” focused conversations. She helped MEC secure well known Youtube directors as production partners, creating two promo videos by Keshen8 of Custard Productions and The Mighty Car Mods. During the campaign period, collectively these two videos generated over 15 million Youtube views.

In 2011 the campaign won a Media Federation Award: Best Use of a Small Budget (Up to $300K). The media value generated by the “Lego Black Ops” video at campaign end was $2.3 million – a 46 times return on investment.

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