Cash Call TV

  • Demi Bryant
  • Nick Vindin
  • Tai Hara

In 2011 Omnilab Media partnered with Telstra to create a call in game show called "Cash Call TV". Each weeknight between 11:30PM and 1:30AM AEST callers were given the chance to play games and win cash and prizes. Players could track the progress of each game including eliminated guesses, hints and prize increases via real-time Facebook posts, Twitter hashtag #cashcalltv and Livestream Chat. Audiences were able to watch the show live via a cross compatible website, Facebook Livestream app, Livestream Channel, Telstra T-Box Ch 919 and Free-to-Air Southern Cross 11 programming.

In addition to providing ongoing Community Management services across 110, 2hr episodes, Moore Interaction produced all associated Facebook apps, VOD channels and social profiles. We partnered with Deep Digital and Milk Engine to create the website and graphic designer, Althea Aseoche for app graphic design.

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