TWTWB: The Movie

In the lead up to the release of “Tomorrow When the War Began” in cinemas, Paramount Pictures and Omnilab Media turned to social media to connect with fans of the "Tomorrow Book Series" by John Marsden. The objective: to convert an existing readership fan base into movie ambassadors and leverage social media to build community interest and kick-start ticket sales.

Beginning in September 2009 our team created more than 60 hours of behind the scenes video content for EPK, online and DVD release. Once delivered we worked closely with Paramount Pictures Australia and Paramount Home Entertainment, devising and executing the projects theatrical, DVD and Digital Download social media campaigns.

Our strategy contributed to the biggest first week sales of an Australian independently produced and financed film and was the first Australian Facebook film community to exceed 136K members. In 2010 the website and social media campaign were nominated for an AIMIA Award: Best Entertainment Category.

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