Intelligence Wins MFA Award

In late 2010, games developer Activision wanted to boost sales of its Call of Duty: Black Ops video game by targeting casual gamers. Faced with heavy competition from other game launches and a budget of just $50K, Activision tasked MEC with increasing consideration and adding $300K sales of Call of Duty: Black Ops video games.

We worked closely with MEC, devising and executing a strategy that would increase reach and engage gamers across the web. Over 4 months we identified influencers across multiple forums, generated over 20K thread views and participated in 600 “black-ops” focused conversations. We helped MEC secure Keshen8 as a content partner, interweaving his video “Lego: Black Ops” into our forum outreach strategy. When we first approached Keshen8 he had 52,632 Youtube subscribers, 17,477,499 Upload views and 1,161,152 Channel views. Since Lego: Black Ops these figures have more than doubled to 132,880 Subscribers, 49,959,060 Upload views and 2,657,508 Channel views.

Results: Australia was the most successful market globally for Call of Duty: Black Ops. The return on investment for the campaign equated to an additional $864,000 in sales – a 12% uplift during the campaign period. As a result of the campaign, 49% of all conversations about Black Ops occured in casual gaming communities – a 40% increase over the objective – and the number of forums about the game grew by 44%. The “Lego Black Ops” video generated 3.1 million views during the campaign and has attracted more than 7.5 million views to date. The media value generated by the “Lego Black Ops” video at campaign end was $2.3 million – a 46 times return on investment. In 2011 the Call of Duty campaign was awarded Best Use of a Small Budget (Up to $300,000) at the Media Federation of Australia Awards.

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